Self-care tips and recipes: where to find them!

Hello friends!

Welcome to my self-care inspired blog!

I hope you’re all doing well!
This is my first post and I’d like to take some time and explain a bit more of what this blog is going to be.

Where to find self-care tips & recipes!

As you probably already know, I’d love to share things related to self-care. But what does that mean? Well, in my opinion, self-care has to do with your health, your body and your mind. It’s basically how we treat ourselves. Inside and out!

As a kid, I grew up with an amazingly beautiful mother. I remember her washing the dishes and applying a hand cream immediately after. Her hands were always so soft and she was always smelling like a flower. (I’ll bet it was the smell of orchids!) I was secretly craving her hugs and caressing. I used to love her hands.

She’s a few years older now, but her hands are as soft as they used to be. She never goes to sleep without putting her face cream on and she still smells like a flower. She actually makes her own creams, serums and oils now and she knows a ton of recipes for almost every need!

Also, she’s a great cook! This is what she does to earn the living. I always remember her cooking, baking cakes and making sweets for our family. I was very cranky with food, she had to cook something different for me in order to eat something. She was cooking more than one foods every day to make sure we’re all going to eat something. And we all had a favourite sweet and once a week she was spending her day in the kitchen to please us all.


Why I’m telling you all these things?

Because I grew up having her as my role model, and subconsciously I learnt how important is to take care of ourselves, I enjoy being in the kitchen cooking, baking and pleasing my beloved ones and she’s the reason I have sooo many recipes in my archive at the moment. Recipes about oils, creams, food, cakes and pretty much everything!

This is what I want to share with you. I want to try and share what she taught me all these years with you and make your life a bit better and a bit easier.

In addition, I’d like to share knowledge about Mindfulness, because this is a huge part of how we take care of ourselves as well.
This is a very therapeutic process and it has many benefits in our lives that we can only see them in their maximum if we stay consistent. This is a whole other story, though (and it’s one of my biggest struggles in particular!)

Just to wrap it up a bit, in this blog I’m going to share self-care tips, recipes for natural and home-made cosmetics, food and sweets recipes and some knowledge and techniques about Mindfulness.
You’ll find a few videos from me on my YouTube channel, as well!

I hope you’ll  find this content helpful enough to make your life a bit closer to where you want it to be.

See you soon,

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