This brand is one of my favourite online clothing brands. You can find the latest fashion in their online store. They have high quality pieces for cheap. It’s literally super cheap but the material is great! PRO TIP: If you make a purchase, try not to place too many things in one order, because you might pay it double in customs. I prefer 3-4 things at a time. Also, don’t forget to use my discount code NANAFARK for 17% OFF your order!

Here’s the world’s first custom hair care brand made just for you! You take a quiz test about your hair type and goals and boom! You have your very unique formula which is designed especially for you. The amazing part is that you don’t have to choose a product just for “repair”, “colour” etc. like every other brand offers. You can focusing on up to 5 different goals at the same time. I used to trouble in the past because when I wanted “hydration”, my hair went to very oily afterwards, when I wanted something for “oil” my hair became very dry and frizzy. I couldn’t find a shampoo that actually works for me, until I found this amazing brand. I absolutely love these products!

Skillshare is a learning platform with online classes taught by the world’s best practitioners. I have learnt most of my skills through Skillshare, especially when I started creating my blog. Skills like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, WordPress, marketing courses etc. I believe it’s the best, very user friendly, with a beautiful layout, allows you to organise your classes and stay a student for life!

I reckon that most of you are familiar with Airbnb, in case you’re not, Airbnb is a website fore registering, finding and renting accommodation. Extremely trustworthy and ideal for every need. You can find from a good value for money accommodation to the most luxurious. Available all around the globe, I think it will never let you down. Also, you can find shared accommodations as well as become a host and register your spare room to earn some extra money!

We are talking about an online service for transfering money abroad. It’s the cheapest service available on the internet and they have the minimum exchange rate compared to other services and banks. Technically, you send them money through your bank account in your currency and they pay out to your desired bank account in your desired currency. It’s that simple! And very fast. I have used it multiple times to transfer money from Greece (EUR) to Australia (AUD) and I have saved loats of money this way. You should try it!

N26 is a digital bank, the best in Europe! It is very easy to set up, no paper work needed, just 5 minutes to open an account right from your smartphone. This is the bank of the future and the best option to have if you’re travelling a lot. And the reason? You can have free payments in any currency, with no extra foreign exchage rate fees. It has automatic categorisation of your spending, it helps you save money by creating “money boxes” and loads of other features! It is also connected with TransferWise! Can’t say enough for the beautiful design as well. Highly recommended!

Have you ever considered to start investing your money? Iban is the easy way to start investing from home. You can start as little as 1€ but you can also start bigger and earn bigger % of your interest rate. The best part is that the transfers are absolutely free, no hidden fees! Just invest from your bank account or debit/credit card with no transfer fee at all. Same way, you can withdrawal for free as well! Be smart and invest now to thank youself later!

The #1 Page Builder for I used it to build my website and I’m pretty proud about it. I had and still have no idea of coding but you don’t need such a skill at all in order to make it. You can simply drag and drop, type, paste and be creative with it. By upgrading to Elementor Pro, you can have every possible feature you might need in this process. Set your online business in an attractive way, e-commerce, mailing list forms, templates, literally everything, no restrictions. And by having the Pro features, you don’t have to install loads of extra free plugins that make your website super slow. The absolute way to create a beautiful website is Elementor Pro, no doubt.

With more than 2 million downloads, OceanWP is the fastest growing theme for WordPress. It’s the favourite choice of thousands of developers and bloggers. And of course the theme I use for my website. It’s very stable and minimal, fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder. If you upgrade it to get the Extentions you can enjoy a full range of features like login, cookies popup, instagram gallery and many more, again without weighing your site with free plugins that often crush and aren’t so flexible to edit them and adapt them with the aesthetics of your site! It definately worth it!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links. Which means I will earn a small commission -at totally no cost for you- if you sign up and make a purchase through them. I use all listed products because I find them helpful and trustworthy! All opinions expressed bellow are truly my own.